Olive Leaf – Bag Of 4 Onzas




Olive Leaf Herbal Tea Bag of 4 Ounce for Infusions

The olive tree never ceases to amaze us. This iconic tree in our culture has multiple properties and benefits. Let’s see how olive leaves can help us!

Olive leaves are a star product that can offer us a multitude of benefits. Scientific research continually reveals more health properties associated with them.

The properties of olive leaves are beneficial for specific diseases and conditions. It’s essential that the leaves have not been previously sprayed with pesticides to fully enjoy their properties.

Both olive leaves and extra virgin olive oil contain, among other components, Oleuropein. This powerful polyphenol is responsible for all their benefits. Let’s take a closer look!

To harness all of its benefits, we can consume olive leaf infusion. Its preparation is quite straightforward, as we only need to boil water and add a few olive leaves to make our infusion.


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